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Posted on 16th May 2024

Hi, and thank you for checking out my page, I really appreciate it.

So, here I am a complete newbie in the world of Blogging. Lots of people, who I admire and trust have generously given me there words of wisdom, guidelines to follow and information, on how to get started…..Which of course I totally over thought the whole thing, and suddenly I am standing at the foot of my mountain worthy of Everest.

So today, I woke up and thought, get over your dam self, just get started, and see what happens…..so here goes!

Lets start at the beginning, with the story of how I became a makeup artist. I hope you are sitting comfortable and have a warm coffee/tea to sip as you read.

Part one Imagine if you will, a slightly chubby 13 year old girl with a crazy mop of red hair, and the confidence of a gnat, trying to recover and find her feet from the latest upheaval of family life. Someone gave me an eyeshadow pallet, full of beautiful hues in blue, green, pink, and gray (it was the 80’s!). This is my second memory that I can recall, where I felt the excitement stirring in my belly, as too the pleasures makeup unlocks for me.

So my story, started in the bathroom mirror, armed with my precious pallet and copies of Jacky and Just Seventeen, (do any of you remember these magazines?), recreating what I saw. It wasn’t long before my Mum and her friends were asking me to do there eyeshadow before they went out. That was it, there was no stopping me!

Unfortunately my makeup career had to be put on hold before it really started. When I told my career advisor that my choice was between being a Makeup Artist and a Bond Girl. ( Yep I really thought I had the option to be a bond girl!). Without even a smile she promptly nudged me towards being a Beauty Therapist. After talking to my Mum and Dad, this is the road I took.

16 years old I started the beauty therapist YTS 2 year course. (giving away my age, haha). We did have a makeup module , which I excelled at. After completing the course I worked in salons and was always promoted as being there in-house makeup artist for brides.

At 25 years old my life changed massively, and that’s where I will leave it for now. I will be back soon with the next installment!

Have a fabulous day/evening.

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