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.....After Japan

Posted on 23rd May 2024

So what now? My world had opened up, and I was eager and excited to explore. I took a 2 week holiday to Thailand with 2 friends I had made in Japan, then it was back to the UK.

I had been back for 12 days when I was packing my bag again. I had been introduced to a woman running beauty salons on ocean liners. We had a conversation, she put me through for a telephone interview with this man in Greece, he offered me the job there and then. 2 days later my contract and flight details were delivered to me.

My mum took me to the airport and I was off on a plane to Athens, where i would join the boat in Piraeus. Arriving in Athens I was suddenly aware at how busy and loud the city was. The constant noise of car horns and people seem to be screaming at each other. I was scared and feeling unsure. Until I boarded the ship and shown my cabin, which would be home for 6 months. I realised life was for living, and I honestly had the best time, meeting so many amazing people, as we sailed around the Med. Every Saturday I was in Venice. Where I saw the elaborately painted masks, which pushed my creative buttons. I saw them as art, back on the ship I would beg my colleagues to let me recreate the same on there faces.

Every Thursday I was in Croatia, Dubrovnik where I feel in love with the calmness and the people. Sunday – Thursday we were in Italy and Greece. Eating delicious salads and fresh fish. I was a regular in the crew bar and midnight buffet, thankfully being in my 20’s and full of zest for life and excitement, it didn’t hit my waist line. Once again I made some amazing friends , who I still talk too today (20 years on). But 6 months was enough for me. As I was eager to get to the one place I really wanted to explore, Australia.

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