I didnt stay in the Beauty salon for long, I was asked to join a comoany as there leading makeup artist. I could I tun this oppertunity down.

The brand was ok, but I loved the job role. I was working and training the team in the department stalls. launching new products to the press. Making up B list celebrities in Kuwait, Qatar, Jordon, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. I loved my life and what I was learning each day.

Each country had its own style, passions and different ways to do things. Eye shadow was much more elaborate then what I had been used to. Lips full on dark lipliner with a nude lip. Soft flawless skin, just slightly lighter than there natural colouring. It blew my mind from the soft sun kissed Australian beach babe looks I had been used to making up. At first I found the noise, the strong white indoor lighting, the passion for intensity of building eye colours, mixed with the strong aroma of amber perfumes that seemed to be coming from every woman and perfume shop was quite a heady mix to comprehend at the start of my adventure in the middle east, but in no time at all I was embracing the dark brown lip liner, eyebrows shaped perfectly and perfecting a longer lasting makeup that could be worn in humidity and strong air conditioned buildings.

I can honestly say it was here in Dubai that I really began to learn and develop my skills as a makeup artist. I realised there was so much more to it, than just applying a beautiful flawless face that looked great in photos. The true skill was to understand the trends, the client, the environment and of course the weather conditions. Developing my new skills certainly got the attention of advertising agents and photographers. I was asked to do shoots, campaigns and help to develop the look for the glamour’s Emirates cabin crew. I was having so much fun and said yes to every opportunity that presented it self to me.

Something I still try to do now. You never know when the next door will open so enjoy each one while you can. Always be open to learning new tricks and developing skills you already have.

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