This week I wanted to talk weddings, what’s trending and of course bridal hair and makeup. Even as I write this I am thinking, gone are the days of growing your hair because you were getting married. Inviting your parents best friend’s and aunt nelly that you haven’t seen for over 10 years, in fact did you even know she existed! Every bride wanting that no makeup natural look. Nower days it is so much more about you, the perfect person that you are and showing the world your quirky side, or what ever it is that is important and a part of you. Fresh or flawless skin. Coloured eyeliner. Bold or soft lip, the possibilities are endless.

As a bridal and fashion makeup artist I like to keep an eye on what is trending, to make sure I have that in my kit, in case anyone asks for it.

So the prediction for 2021, is hopefully more people can attend.

Streaming is a big thing so People from far and wide (including aunt nelly!) can still be a part of your day.

Colours you can expect to see, is combinations of Fuchsia, yellow, teal, bright red and cobalt. Instead of a block safe colour people are breaking away and being bold by fusing 2 or more strong colours together.

Red for brides is in (think Indian wedding gowns). Red represents happiness, success and good fortune.

Short dresses, feathers, ruffles off the shoulder sleeves are all trending for the bride at the moment.

Hair trends…braids, ok these are not new, but there are so many ways these can be applied and decorated. Textured updos with ornaments or flowers are always chic, and great for thin hair too. Jazzed up ponytails, where extensions can be adding to create a fuller and glamorous look. Many brides seem to be opting not to over style there hair. Loose and airy, with just the odd clip to hold a little . The elegant chignon is a style that seems to suit most face shapes, and always looking romantic. the relaxed version is just a little more ‘undone’ with wispy tendrils falling around the face. Half up and half down is a style for the ‘fun’ bride. So many things to work with, braids, flower’s, curls, straight, jewels the list is endless.

Makeup, is seeing the return of the fresh faced skin that looks like skin. Using products to enhance rather than mask. To create this look it is a good idea to look at your diet and skin care a good 6 months before your day. Blusher is defiantly back and the ‘it’ product of the moment. a soft highlight is always a must, as looks great in person and on camera. Eyelashes seem to be a 50/50 choice. Most women opt for having a little extra help when it comes to lashes. You dont have to have the full on effect. I have made lashes for some of my brides, to suit there natural shape and enhance what they already have.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, even if your are not getting married yourself. I love helping you all to create the best version of yourself.

Have a great day.


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