Event bookings are secured upon receipt of a £100 deposit, this can be made before or on the day of trial session. This confirms the Agreement and secures the Company’s availability for the Event on the agreed date and time for the agreed Fee.

The deposit is deducted from the final Fee due. Enquiries for which a deposit has not been paid are not confirmed and therefore availability cannot be guaranteed and an Agreement is not formally in place.

Deposits are non-refundable if a cancellation is received less than twelve weeks before the Event.

If the Client does not wish to book the service for the Event after a trial session the deposit is refunded in full within seven days unless the Event is less than twelve weeks away in which case it is non-refundable.

The Fee is always agreed via e-mail, verbal agreements are not offered as they are not deemed valid by the Company.

The Company reserves the right to cancel special offers and rates at any time, with the exception of where an e-mailed Agreement is already in place with the Client.


For Zena or any member of her Team additional travel expenses are incurred for every mile outside the greater London area to the venue where the service is to take place at a rate of 50p for every mile, this is based on the return journey.

Distances are calculated using an on-line journey planner and travel expenses will be agreed between the Company and Client as part of the Agreement.

If appropriate alternative methods of transport other than motor vehicle, such as rail or flight will be discussed and agreed with the Client during the booking process.


For Zena or any member of the Team, for a service that is booked to start prior to 8am and is over 50 miles outside London, accommodation expenses will be incurred, this will be discussed and agreed with the Client during the booking process.

For all bookings outside of the UK flight and accommodation charges will be incurred, also to be discussed and agreed with the Client during the booking process.


An invoice for the balance of the Fee will be sent from the Company to the Client two weeks before the date of the Event, unless the Event is in less than two weeks’ time in which case it will be sent immediately after the booking has been secured.

Full payment of the balance of the Fee is required one week before the Event, if the Event is less than one week away full payment is required to secure the booking. The only exception to this is where the Client has agreed with the Company to pay the Fee in cash on the day.

Payment can be accepted in cash, bank transfer, or via secure on-line link that is e-mailed to the Client by the Company. Only cash is accepted for payments on the day of the Event.

For deposit payments by bank transfer the booking is only confirmed once the transfer has cleared in the Company’s bank account. Cheques are not acceptable.


It is the Client’s responsibility to inform the Company or Team member who is engaged to provide the service of any potential issues such as but not limited to medical conditions, allergies and/or sensitivities.

Neither the Company nor Team member can be held liable for any condition that arises or loss incurred by the Client if the Client has not informed the Company and/or Team member of any known conditions as stated above, or of any conditions unknown to the Client at the time of the service.

The Company and/or Team member reserve the right to cancel the Agreement if the behaviour of the Client is deemed inappropriate and/or if the Client reports a condition that the Company and/or Team member deem as a risk to the Client’s health and wellbeing. In these cases any payments that have already been made by the Client for the service are non-refundable.


The Company will always endeavour to honour the Agreement to the best of its ability.

There may be circumstances beyond the control of the Company where a Team member is unwell, delayed or otherwise unavailable, sometimes at short notice. In such a case the Company will inform the Client at its earliest convenience and endeavour to make favourable alternative arrangements if possible.

The Company reserves the right to offer the Client compensation in the event that it is not able to honour the Agreement. This is entirely dependent on the circumstances and will be discussed openly and honestly with the Client.


Payments that have already been made to the Company for an Event that is subsequently cancelled less than twelve weeks before the Event will be retained.

Cancellations are only valid via e-mail, verbal cancellations are not accepted as they are not deemed valid by the Company.


Repeat trials: If a second makeup and/or hair trial is requested the same fee applies as for the first trial

Individual lashes: Individual lash application is included in the price for the makeup service, there is no reduction in price for any makeup service if they are declined.

Makeup/hairstyling services for younger members of the Party: Makeup services for members of the Party who are up to 12 years old are complimentary. This will only include lip-gloss, blusher and shimmery eyeshadow application.
If a more complete makeup service is required the full bridesmaid’s price will apply – this is detailed in the Prices sections of the website.