I was going to continue my story in Australia, but since finding this out I thought we cold take a break from the travelling and focus on our smiles.

The Oral Health Foundation are raising awareness of important health issues and ready to put a smile on everybody’s face. A great campaign to get us all flossing (I dont mean the dance, mind you that would be fun too!), brushing our teeth and being aware of oral hygiene.

Obviously I am not a dentist but I do know how to make your lips look amazing. A lipstick can build your confidence, change your mood, style and take you from day to night in a quick and easy swipe.

You should exfoliate your lips gently with a sugar scrub 1x week. Over exfoliation will aggravate and cause dehydration. When using a scrub, gently massage over the lips for a couple of minutes, then rinse with warm water. Follow with a good quality lip salve/balm. I personally do not recommend petroleum based lip balms as they create a seal over the lips, not letting moisture out and not letting water and moisture in.

If you have started to get fine lines around the lips, look into Face yoga (yes, really this is a thing) and a lip treatment to apply at night.

To hold lipstick in place now we are all wearing masks, I recommend using a lip liner to create a beautiful shape, taking it on to the lips too. Apply you lipstick, blot, reapply and then set with a translucent face powder. Glosses will obviously transfer on to your mask.

If you want any help, in creating a luscious lip, choosing products, or how to apply, please get in touch, as I love hearing from you.

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