Firstly apologies for my 2nd blog to take so long! My website went under construction and I berried my head in the sand, which is something I am working on. Can you relate? Anything IT related and I have a moment of ‘oh no, its going to go wrong or take forever’. But now I have a word with myself and jump onto it, and ask for help.

Anyway, I signed off last time as things started to get interesting! 1997 my life exploded with excitement and opportunities. I took an offer for a 3 month work contract in Japan. I was terrified as I bordered the plane and left England behind. In hindsight I might done things a little differently, as all I knew was I was flying via Moscow on to Tokyo, and no idea who was picking me up, or where I would be staying. But I didn’t care as I was off on adventure, and I am so glad i took the leap. I met some amazing people all with different backgrounds and stories to tell. I learnt to let go of judgments, embrace what life throws at you. Discovered my love of Japanese food and sushi that blew my mind. Snowboarding, then sitting in Onsen’s (hot spring mineral baths). One of the biggest things I learnt was makeup on a different shaped face and colouring. The Japanese culture of being daring , yet feminine. Soft while being bold. Geisha art of makeup inspired me so much to push past the normal boundaries of European 90’s makeup. My 3 months in this incredible country made me realise I have so much to discover, learn and try.

Japan Vogue

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