I’m back after not posting for a few months, i dont know about you but time moves by very quickly, blink and were already starting a new year!

I really hope you had an enjoyable festive time with all the trimmings and without any visits from Ms Corona!

The last part of 2021 I was working away on a Bollywood film, Ganapth. Staring Tiger Shroff. The frst week I was doing hair and makeup for the crowd. Then got moved into the SFX department to create looks for the fight characthers.

If any of you have worked on an Indian film you will know its a lot more chaotic than the western films. Its fast paced, but slow at the same time, being prepared for every thing takes a lot of organising and long hours, but I love it. The SFX dept was a small team so we all got to help each other out and since we all came from different backgrounds it was great to learn different techniques. Thats one of the things I apprciate about being a makeup artist, there is always something to learn, even when you have been in the industy 20 years!

The fighters we were working with were all increadbale stunt men specialising in different techniques and martial arts. There dedication to working out and perfecting there craft was on a another level, so inspiring. being around these kind of people just makes you want to improve and better yourself

Going back to the makeup we were working mainly with Silcone pieces, for the scars and wounds. Waterproof paints for different effects, an abundance of hairspray, lots of tattoos and or course fair bit of blood fx. As soon as the film is realeased I will post some images.

But back to 2022….this year I intend to work on 1 or 2 films but Brideshave become my main priorety. This is the avenue I would like to move back towards. So if you are getting married, been asked to be a bridesmaid, attending a wedding in Sussex please get in touch, to talk all things hair and makeup.


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    You choose peace or war?

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    Today a reader,tomorrow a leader!

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