"No rules, just endless possibilities"

I would like to say I have been doing makeup for about 15 years, but thinking back its been more like 28. I was making up my mum and her friends from the age of 13!

I am lucky to have combined my passion for makeup with my love of travel. I have lived and worked in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, America, Caribbean and Europe.

So many amazing jobs jump out at me, but to name a few of my favorite highlights would be...

The Balenciaga runway show in Paris. (Working under Pat Mcgrath).
Rihanna music video 'shine bright like a diamond' in LA.  And 6 months in Glyndebourne Opera theater. Carrying out makeup and SFX on the chorus and principle artists.

I am a cheerful creative person with a great understanding for whats needed. I believe in enhancing a persons beauty....sometimes tweaking it to embrace the latest trends, fashion or directors vision.

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